Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Looking through the glass...

This image was shot at night without flash through the glass of a local antique shop. I just love the warmth of it plus the look of a time so long ago. It's awesome some of the things you find when out for a walk at night.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wesley McComb...

This is an old video, but an AWESOME son Wesley composed this piece, he's been talking about returning to music...I'm hoping by posting it here that people will leave comments of encouragement which will move him to return to his passion sooner.

Morning Fog...

Sunday morning, heading for the Comet trail to take the boys for a morning fun run and ran across this little area of fog, we were almost too late...but shot this image before it was all gone... of course I've got to post a couple shots of the boys and their adventure.  As I was trying to capture this image of Chester, URL decided to sneak up behind me and use me as a towel by rubbing his soaking wet body on my leg...Carla says he just loves me, me...I think he's just a little SH@#!


And a of course have to show one of the monster URL (pronounced Earl...)

URL had a most excellent day!!!  He even got to chase a deer...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta

Photoshop CS6 Beta was released today...downloaded it, can't wait to try it, watched some of the new feature videos...all I can say is:  AWESOME!!!

Candid Shots...

So this is an old shot but worthy of showing what can be done with a shot taken while just walking down a street and turning it into a very cute print which really should be framed...I just wished I could have got their names so I could have given them a print...if anyone knows this family please contact me or share this page with them...

So here's the original image straight out of the camera:

And the final image processed in Photoshop:

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Went out Sunday morning and captures some new textures for use in overlays...its always amazing what you find just going out in the woods.  Here are just two:

Prairie grass, I just love the warmth:

One big rock:

And the example of what happens when you overlay a texture onto a photo...lets begin with this original image:

Next to apply the Prairie Grass as a "soft light" overlay: